Year Two

My Sweet Baby Boy

Tomorrow marks the 2nd anniversary of mom's diagnosis with ALS.
What a blessing it's been to have another year to spend together as a family.

I know that we all grieve differently and each one of us has dealt with the highs and lows this year.
I am so grateful that by the grace of God I have learned to see the positive in this crazy nightmare.
I feel like I have finally stepped out of the "fog".
I am no longer angry & frustrated... and that in and of itself is reason to celebrate! ;)

Physically I have been pushing through the motions...even finding joy,
but if I am honest I don't feel like I've been fully present until recently.
I tried so hard to hold on to the past that I regretfully missed a lot of the small intimate details.
It's ok... there is a time for everything and I am so grateful for all that I've learned about myself and my family.

We have such a strong faith that there will be many more anniversaries to celebrate and that my friends is all the more reason to really start living!

Here is a look back at the major events from this year:

Twinkling Lights: Mom's dream of dancing with my brother at his wedding came true.

Panic: learning to communicate again.

MDA- Show of Strength:  Mom's commercial for the national broadcast of the MDA telethon.

ALS Walk:  Our first walk as a family fundraising for ALS


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