Monday, April 29, 2013

On My Heart

On my heart lately:

Thankful-Thankful for friends who have sheltered us with love- standing strong in their own grief to protect our hearts... friends who have sacrificed their pain to rejoice in our celebrations.

The gift of time- I've been so aware of just how much time we have been given and I've learned to embrace every second of it. I've learned to say constant prayers of gratitude.

Awareness- May is around the corner and the sudden influx of all things ALS are about to be flooded into our lives. I have a love/hate relationship with Awareness months. I know the importance and if I could shout on every roof top campaigning for more funding and more research and a cure I would. But, some days I feel like such a small voice in a loud crowded room. We live this every day. We are aware of the struggle and the pain and frustrations that surround anyone with ALS. ALS Awareness month forces me to look at the severity of the situation and at times can be so suffocating. Yet, we keep fighting and kicking down those walls because our loved ones deserve it. They deserve the funding and the awareness just the same as those who suffer from other terminal illnesses.

Rest- Exhaustion has completely taken over the past couple of weeks- a simple reminder to take care of myself and my family... a time of reflection and rest to rejuvenate myself to keep giving and to do so with more intensity than before.

Excitement- Joy for the baby to come and all the planning and preparing... I've been savoring my time with my little one as I want to cherish each moment that I am all his and he is all mine.

I hope your hearts are full of joy and love right now. If they are heavy I pray that you would find comfort and peace.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Throes of Life

Life doesn't stop when you are thrown into the fire. The blazing flames of disease- the heat and smoke clouding your vision. We are fully engulfed in the throes of life and yet we keep moving. We stand up to those flames. Some days we are hanging on with little droplets of fresh rain and some days we are pouring buckets of water drowning out the lies and fears.

Over the course of these last two years I have learned that the greatest gift I can offer mom is to keep living life in the present. Dream for the future and stop putting limits on what this life can give us.

For so long I held on to the past and stood frozen to my future. I let myself burn in that fire. Today, I am still engulfed in flames but I'm not burning- instead, I am being refined.

I'm so excited to announce that we are doing just that- embracing life for what it is right now and overjoyed to say that we are expecting another baby! Our bundle is set to arrive in early November.

I know regardless of all that we are walking through- this is exactly what mom wants for all of us. To keep living... to be brave when it seems impossible and to embrace every moment of joy.