Goodbye 28... Hello 29!

Writing is a weird venture. It's cyclical. I find that there are times when the words spill out overflowing from the depths of my soul-bubbling over with such fierce that I can hardly contain them, and then there are moments when the words are so dry-my soul begins to crack and longs for the cleansing overflow.

I may be standing in a desert right now. Thankfully, even when the words are few my heart is full.

I turned 29 on November 1st. I've been reflecting on my life- the incredible blessings bestowed upon me and my family. I've made more lists than I can count for this coming year (am I the only one with a 30 before 30 bucket list? :) ha!) and I am determined to fill 29 with more grace, intention, and purpose. Less focus on myself and more focus on serving others. Transition is good for the soul and a deep look into one's life is necessary to create a legacy. I long to touch each life I encounter and leave each day with a lasting memory. So, goodbye 28- I learned a lot from you... and hello 29- may you propel me into greatness and fulfilled dreams.


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