Twinkling Lights

Through the soft twinkling lights and romance that filled the air my brother gently led my mom onto the dance floor. As he guided her ever so softly around the wooden floor tears of joy and blessings rained upon them. As if for one moment the world stood still. In the midst of the jazz filled music and scent of love they found a quiet reflection. Through the years, the bond between a mother and her son had only cultivated into something so unbreakable that no stone could shatter. Together, in that dance they experienced a miracle. When the odds were completely against it a soft whisper of grace blew in and swept them from side to side sprinkling a peace among everyone witnessing this moment. My brother’s greatest pride and joy was dancing with his mother on his Wedding day. Defeating all of the odds my mom filled that room with a glow and beauty that is indescribable. No life was left untouched in that moment and no eye was dry as family and friends looked on.  

I can’t help but relish in these sweet unspoken memories. Every day we are experiencing silent miracles and little reminders of the greatness that has been bestowed upon our lives. This moment will forever be etched in the lives of all who witnessed it. For many, it was a moment of love that surpassed any and all expectations… a definition of character that will build a strong tower for many years to come.


  1. Hey Tara:)

    What a wonderful gift to them both! A memory that will never be forgotten.


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