MDA-Show of Strength & PSA

Make-up & Wardrobe Prep- May 2012
 I love that through pain, beauty shines through the strongest. Since mom's ALS diagnosis there have been several opportunities for her to raise awareness and shine light into a dark world. In May, mom was asked to participate in an incredible opportunity. The MDA has filmed several Public Service Announcements for this years telethon- MDA Show of Strength- and she is 1 of 5 patients particpating in the PSA. This year marks a new beginning for the MDA as they have changed the entire format for their telethon. This new format showcases incredible entertainment and support from several celebrities. It will be a three hour prime time entertainment special. I firmly believe that this new format will engage an incredible audience and bring so much awareness to the world of Muscular Dystrophy and ALS. Make sure you tune in this weekend Sunday, Sept. 2nd and show your support. For those who are local- you can watch the special on Channel 3 at 7pm.

Click Here to see a clip of the PSA that mom was filmed for. She looks absolutely radiant and I am so incredibly proud of her! Her commercial will air at 8:29pm. (AZ time)


  1. Oh Tara that made me tear up! Thanks for sharing. Your mom is beautiful. You both inspire me. I don't think I tell you enough how you are both in my prayers and thoughts daily. Love you.

  2. That was a beautiful piece. Your mom was glowing:)


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