Rays of Sunshine

Every so often someone walks into your life and changes your perspective on everything. Almost as if that ray of sunshine that has been peeking through the window has somehow found its way to you and is now lighting up every ounce of your being. It's that unexpected moment that takes your breath away...the gesture of lifting you up and breathing life in to your bones. Suddenly you realize that you, the raw mess of you, are more than enough. Aside from your flaw and insecurities they see nothing but beauty. They dive in with both feet expecting nothing but greatness because they believe you are worth it.

The confidence and peace they bring becomes so refreshing. It's a peace and safety net that has been so void and dark. When you are lucky enough to experience that kind of love and selflessness you have no choice but to surrender. So I'm running...straight into those rays of sunshine and counting my blessings with each encounter. I love that in the midst of the chaos I have been given the gift of such a sweet friend. I'm cherishing each unexpected moment and embracing the warmth I have found.

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