The Day I Was Rejected...

Rejection never loses its sting. Whether it's fast and expected or slowly seeps in through the cracks of your soul it feels the same. It manifests itself so deep, intricately weaving its web through your veins that often the only way to get past it is a long deep breath and time. In the moment, the pain can feel overwhelming. The intensity of knowing you aren't needed, wanted, chosen or loved is heart-wrenching. It's incredibly sad that so much of human nature places value on the acceptance of others. Every moment of rejection offers an opportunity for self-reflection. In these moments of severe vulnerability I find that my compassion for others goes into overdrive. Through my pain and fear I am able to see into the depths of those around me in ways I couldn't see before. As if the sole purpose for experiencing such grief is so that I may learn to better extend grace to those around me. The act of rejecting someone knows no boundaries and excludes no one. We all feel pain in different moments of our lives but its the reaction to the pain that leaves its legacy.

Today I choose to stand with my head held high knowing my value and worth comes from my creator and not the world around me. Today I choose to acknowledge that life brings disappointment and joy. Today I will seek out those who are hurting and embrace them with a love and grace that fills the deepest cracks of their soul. Today I will look rejection in the face and claim victory over it. Today I will stand and fight for those who cant. I will be the voice to the voiceless and the strength to the weak. I was made to look past myself and the rejection I have felt so that I can share an undying love to those around me. It's true... rejection never loses its sting- but it can be healed.... and today that is my greatest hope.


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