A Note of Thanks & an Update...

The outpouring of love and support we have received since mom fell is absolutely amazing! It's as though God knew we just didn't have the strength anymore to conquer this without a community of people lifting us up. Thank you so much for your encouraging emails, comments, tweets and prayers. We have been loved on by strangers and friends alike. This experience has really shown me the power of an encouraging word. I've seen what it really means to be "family". The selfless acts of providing a meal, making phone calls and sending letters has been a true representation of love. 

I think it's easy for care-givers to be forgotten and trampled on. I see the way my dad cares for my mom and the rest of us- without giving it any thought. He has seamlessly become the glue that is holding us all together. He is a rock and I am so grateful for his love and strength. For those of you who have been holding him up in prayer and calling to check in on him- thank you! Thank you for recognizing that this isn't easy for him and that he is hurting as well. 

It has been an absolute struggle to obtain the results of mom's testing last week. Her primary care doctor is amazing but his staff lacks in care and competency. We made several phone calls and after 4 days we finally received the results. Her x-ray showed spurring and a possible tear in her rotator cuff. She has been referred to an orthopedic but is reluctant to schedule an appointment at this time. I understand her hesitation. Another specialist, another surgery... and for what? It's a lot to take in and it offers a lot of unanswered questions. She had some additional labs done that came back with questionable results-- she will re-test in a couple of weeks to see just how accurate these labs were. 

She is still in a significant amount of pain. It's hard to watch her deal with it and not be able to help. She is so strong though- and she faces everyday with vigor and an intense sense of gratitude.

Thank you for blessing us with your prayers!


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