Maybe my view on this trial has been all wrong.Maybe I've been looking at this as a tragedy rather than seeing the true blessings this disease-ALS- has provided us. Maybe my perspective needs to change...

As I was driving to work this week I saw a jeep with a large window decal that stated: "Death is the road to awe". My initial reaction was irritation. I instantly started to judge the person driving. All I could think was death is not a trivial thing- How could they take something so serious and make a mockery of it? That statement ran through my mind constantly for the rest of the day. It was as though it was haunting me. But, the more I dwelled on that statement the more I realized it's deeper meaning. Death really is the road to AWE- it's so easy to forget that this life is temporary- this life we are living is just a stepping stone to something greater- to something so magnificent that our feeble minds aren't capable enough to comprehend. To know that after this life we gain eternity- a life without pain. A life with complete healing. Death leads us to Jesus... how in the world can you not stand in front of your creator and not be in complete awe?

I realize now that although what my family- specifically my mom- is going through is tragic it has an incredible ending. That no matter what we face now, the reward at the end is beyond worth it. It's so so worth every trial and every heartbreak this life could ever bring! We are blessed that through this trial God has done nothing but open our eyes to his incredible beauty. We all have witnessed His hand upon us and felt his love in such a deep intimate way. And, quite frankly- I'm not sure that without this trial I would have had the gift of knowing my savior in such a sweet and peaceful way. Death is a reality- but with Jesus- Life is an even greater reality!


  1. your blog is beautiful Tara! I love the layout. I also love that you are blogging again :)It will be such a great support for you, since now we can understand more of whats going on. You have great perspective. Love you.


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