ALS Community

There is power and strength in numbers. Knowing you aren't alone brings peace and a strange sense of acceptance. No one is meant to walk this life alone. It is an incredible feeling to know that God will meet you exactly where you are at the precise moment in time that you need him. When you feel like you can't take one more step or one more breath He sweeps in and takes hold of you at the.most.precise.moment. I am a firm believer that healing comes in all shapes and sizes. Connecting with others who are going through a trial just like your own can bring hope and healing. Take some time to browse through the community below. Say a prayer for those you meet~Send a word of encouragement~ and trust that no matter the circumstance you are never alone!

ALS Association
The ALS Association Arizona Chapter
ALS Forums
Prize 4 Life
ALS Registry
Bike 4 ALS
Les Turner Foundation
UMass ALS Research

Friends living with ALS around the world:
Ask About Aimee
Claudia's Family, Claudia's Family (2)
Leon Peek- Rambling man of ALS
Allison- Children of ALS

**Please note this page is frequently updated! If you have a suggestion or know of someone with ALS that is documenting their story please contact me so that they can be added to this community!**

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