A Birthday Celebration!

I love birthdays...all of it. The balloons, cards, cake, presents, friends and reflections. There is so much significance behind celebrating someone's life. To set aside a day to cherish and spoil someone for being born and being a part of your life seems like such a small gesture in the grand scheme of things...but, a gesture worth giving nonetheless. 

This weekend we celebrated my mom's life...all 51 years of it! We have so much to be grateful for. Every day, every second is worth cherishing when you suffer from ALS. When you are blessed with yet another year it begs to be welcomed with a party. And party, is exactly what we did. 

On Saturday, we spent hours with family and friends... dined on tasty Mexican food... snacked on popcorn at the movies...cried our eyes out in the theater as we watched the amazing story- "Extremely Loud and Incredibly close"... and feasted on cheesecake. We laughed and swapped stories. We made lasting memories and most importantly celebrated the intense blessings we have been given. 

To top it off... we all met for breakfast Sunday morning to continue the celebration! This time to feast on Veggie omelets, Biscuits & Gravy and Vanilla Lattes. 

Mom was loved on greatly over the week with cards, flowers and visits from friends. Thank you to everyone who joined us in celebrating her life! Here is to many more birthday celebrations! 


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