2012- A New Beginning

2012 has already brought with it a sense of renewal. It's brought fresh perspective and honesty. Deep gut wrenching secrets have been revealed and with it the powerful heart wrenching pain that comes with laying it all down. The intensity of being transformed and enveloped  with grace and peace comes with a hefty price...a price worth paying.  

2011 ended with a broken heart, broken spirit and a trip that led me straight to rock bottom. There is something to say about the thirsty souls that find themselves laying in a pit unable to breathe. The overwhelming sense of suffocation- the cloud of darkness that brings unstoppable rain and pelts rockets of pain and heartache...it all serves a purpose. In those darkest moments the only place to go is up. And, by pulling yourself up and choosing to push through the trials you become stronger. It's in those dark moments that revelations are made and new beginnings are formed. 

I feel as though my spirit is beginning to thaw- my heart is being pieced together and the brokenness has been softened. 

2012 offers hope and healing. I have so many plans, dreams and desires for this year. I have found inspiration and fresh perspective that I can't wait to share with you! I hope you will all continue on this journey with me- and, if you have been found in a broken state of chaos- know there is hope. There is grace and love ready to catch you as you fall. 

Here's to fresh beginnings! 


  1. Hey Tara,

    God is good! My favorite verse is Romans 8:28:)~Judy


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