Be Still & Know

I saw Les Miserables yesterday. After a very emotional and hard few days I decided to take a day for myself. A day to rejuvenate, refresh my soul and stop the endless negativity that was filling my mind. I slept in, drank my coffee in bed as I browsed the web, and just let myself be. No agenda, no to-do list and no one to care for.  As I walked up to buy my ticket I felt such a strange sense of self-confidence. One I haven’t felt in a very long time. I didn’t care that I was there to see a movie by myself, I didn’t care that people lingered about watching me. I finally felt secure enough to stand boldly in my decision and honestly I think it made the whole movie-going experience a success.

I cried as I watched the most beautifully tragic story unfold before me- A story of anguish, fear, redemption, grace and unconditional love. There was so much symbolism wrapped up in the lives of those characters. I saw the love of God drip endlessly out of that story; I felt the unexplainable desire to do anything to protect your child- even in death. I saw how one transformed life can affect countless other lives. How selflessness even in heartache gains a fresh new beginning. I found a new appreciation for the redeeming grace of Jesus Christ.

Yesterday, I let myself be vulnerable. I opened myself to see new surroundings and to feel life in a very raw manner. I stopped the busyness of life to find peace and allow my soul to be refreshed. I quieted my heart to find grace and to be filled with an overwhelming sense of true love. In my rawness I was able to find the exact healing I needed to continue to give myself to those around me. To be the support and strong tower for my mom, to see the intense unspoken heartache felt by my dad, to be the loving patient and playful mom to Ryan and to be the encouraging and supportive wife to my husband.

I pray that as you read this you will know that in the midst of whatever you are facing- large or small- the outcome is the same… there is a love waiting to envelope you in peace and joy. Take the time to embrace it- I promise you it’s worth it.

“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10  


  1. Hey Tara,

    I am glad you took time for yourself. You have been a tremendous caregiver to your mom, and it is important to take care of yourself:) Now, I gotta see the movie.....probably will go by myself too....sounded good! ~ Judy


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