May Update

Hello friends! I have so much to update you on! May has been a whirlwind of a month. We have had several celebrations and appointments keeping us all very busy. Mom recently went for a day of testing to see if she qualifies for the Diaphragm Pacing System. This is a fascinating new trial and the day was long, full of extensive education and research methods. I'll write a post outlining the entire day, results, and what's next for her journey. It's a lot to take in and sort through so I want to make sure I have the time to gather all of the info so I can explain it correctly. For now- enjoy the picture summary below of the past month!

College Graduation 2012
Memorial Day- Mom swimming with Ryan
Ryan's first baseball game!
Mother's Day 2012


  1. Congrats on your degree:) What a special photo of you and your mom on Mother's Day!

  2. Judy, Thank you for the sweet comment! It's always so good to hear from you!


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