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I am so passionate about finding a cure for ALS. There are many days that I sit in wonder and amazement at the discoveries that continue to surface. I find myself daydreaming about the conversations that take place in the lab. Do those scientists really understand the value of their work? Do they feel the same urgency that PALS (people of ALS) do? I know that working in a lab full of test tubes and petri dishes is not glamorous. The days can be long and frustrating with little recognition. But, on the other side of the spectrum- those labs offer hope. They offer a future and relief. They offer perspective and propel us to dig deeper and fight fiercer.

Each of us was created with talents to share and gifts to pour out on others. I am so thankful that science and research is God given gifts. That in the midst of a raging storm there is a calm serene setting waiting on the other side. I am grateful for people who are living out their calling. I am grateful for the sacrifice and devotion it takes to fight such a vicious battle.

My gratitude may never reach the ears of those longing for a cure… but, my prayer is that they would know peace. That they would marvel in the talents they were given and know beyond a doubt that their efforts to fight ALS with science are not done in vain.

I know our prayers for a cure are heard. I also know that in everything there is a season…that my timing and God’s timing are not always the same. But, I strongly believe that our prayers for a cure will be answered-someday- and my only hope is that my mom will live to see that day.

…These articles were published recently regarding research within the ALS community…


  1. Thanks for your post! I would love for them to find a cure too. Hope you and your mom are doing well:)


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