A Note of Gratitude

I have had the most incredible amount of peace lately. I know this sounds so cliche- but I have felt your prayers. I don't know who you are...(maybe there are several of you) but thank you! The power of prayer and community  never ceases to amaze me. I really struggled with the thought of exposing my family and my life in such a raw way. I debated for weeks on the decision to start this blog. As hard as I tried to let go of that nagging feeling that this is what I needed to do I just couldn't get rid of it. I realize now that this blog offers so much more than awareness of ALS- it offers hope and healing! I know it's impossible for people to understand the severity of what we are going through. I know the intense pain I feel- the agony of heartbreak and anger is something most people will never have to experience. But, I also know that in every life there are trials and because of the passionate love and grace of Christ we can empathize, deeply love and support one another whether we understand the situation or not. For that- I am eternally grateful. The overwhelming sense of gratitude I feel for your unspoken prayers and secret love and support can never be expressed. So- to whoever you are- know that you have blessed me and my family. With the utmost gratitude,


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